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ProTip: Cool Overly Hot Coffee by Holding it out the Window (comic)

While this lovely bit of fiction didn’t actually happen with my children, as they graciously allowed me to portray, it did happen with a group of friends about 15 years ago.

J-Dizzle had just taken the wheel, and I’d just picked up the cocoa, and it was scorching hot. He said something like, “simple thermodynamics. Hold it out the window and the passing air will strip the newtons from the cup. Voila, cooler cocoa!” Read the full story


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Preacher Terry Jones to Replace Geraldo as World’s Hugest DongGobbler

Not since Geraldo Rivera stood outside Al Capone’s vault, has there been a TV moment with a bigger chance of bombing than Terry Jones’ Quran burning tonight, September 11, 2010. Terry Jones, the firebrand preacher of a Pentecostal Offshoot Church in Gainesville, Florida is determined to burn the Muslim holy book on Saturday September 11 at his Dove World Outreach Center to commemorate September 11, 2001, the day when hatred against Muslims exploded across the United States. Read the full story


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BP Solves the Catastrophe by Creating a Disaster

HOUSTON, Texas (GlossyNews) – 10,000 barrels of crude burning per day. In a move typical of the greed and gluttony of Big Oil, British Petroleum began to burn thousands of barrels of crude oil DAILY captured from the leak in the Gulf which they caused on Earth Day.

BP which caused one of the biggest man made ecological disasters in the history of the planet, in their rush to make billions of dollars, will solve that partially by burning 10,000 barrels of crude a DAY. Read the full story


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Waterproof Sunscreen Useless Against Crying, Leads to More

When selecting a brand, type and configuration of sunscreen, it’s important to bear in mind your needs, lifestyle and personal habits. For us, it was easy to choose a high SPF rating, opt for the waterproof, and go with a trusted name brand. What I didn’t take into account was my personal propensity for crying, and none of the brands had anything to protect me from that. Read the full story


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