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Glossy News Book Showcase Returns Tomorrow!

Not long ago, we had our first Glossy News ebook showcase (although strictly speaking, printed books are OK too!)

Swan Morrison’s Judgment Day

Rfreed’s 9/12/01 (also serialized at Glossy News) Read the full story

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Christmas Presents: Poetry, Fiction, & Satire Books! (2/2)

Fatal Conceits Short Fiction Series (Vol I)

Pride and Idiocy

Read the full story

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Christmas Presents: Poetry, Fiction, & Satire Books! (1/2)

Amazon stores globally sell many of my ebooks! A selection of my ebooks sometimes a print version; or even a larger print or giant print version, in addition to the regular sizes!


Please note that all the books in the above link are mine; except for ‘Valiant, He Endured,’ which is a libertarian sci-fi anthology edited by the prolific author and editor George Donnelly. Read the full story

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Preview for Self-Published Play: “The Great Flâneur Massacre.”

The you-know-where has been abuzz with speculation on the novella in quasi-dramatic form that Wallace Runnymede is due to self-publish in the near future.

(Well, June, actually. But then, why should Wallace Runnymede tell you the exact date at this stage? That would spoil all the fun; or Wallace Runnymede’s fun, in any case; which is not an entirely inconsequential consideration, after all).

However, the Malign-Forces-of-International-Creative-Transparency-Fundamentalism may be somewhat disappointed, that Wallace Runnymede’s first fairly lengthy work will be released under a pseudonym, and not under his real name. Read the full story

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Harper Lee to publish sci-fi inspired “To Kill a Mockingbird” sequel

Over 50 years after her last novel, it was announced today that reclusive author Harper Lee will have a new title gracing bookshelves later this year.

Mockingbird II: The Revenge is currently set for a blockbuster Summer 2015 release. Asked why the decision to release a sequel now after so many years, Lee responded simply with the word, “cash.”

A graphic companion novel entitled 2 Kill 2 Mockingbirdz is also rumored to be in the works, as well as a Mockingbird-themed mobile app for iOS and Android. Read the full story

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‘Book Better Than Film’ Says Guy Who Wants You to Know He Reads Books

MUNCIE – In a disguised attempt to let you know that he is exceptionally well-read, an acquaintance today informed you that the latest Hollywood blockbuster you are planning to view this weekend is no way near as good as the book upon which it is based.

During a painstaking 12-minute critique, the pompous little turd proceeded to describe how and why the film’s take on the story “lacked the emotional depth” of the original novel, which, in case you didn’t hear the first time, he has read about twenty times. Read the full story

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Toddler Avidly Ruining Around Three Books A Week

INDIANAPOLIS – Despite the inherent allure of mainstream video games, Marvel action figures and children’s television, 3-year-old Nathan LaPlant still manages to find the time to graffiti, on average, three books a week, say the child’s parents.

While his older brother Dane is routinely playing soccer in the back yard, little Nathan is said to be more than happy just sitting down with a copy of Spot’s Greatest Adventure, a book he has now torn the shit out of seven times. Read the full story

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Glossy News Guide: The Five People You Will Meet In Hell

DETROIT, Mich. (Glossy News) — Coming years after the much lauded success of his beloved novel, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven,” author Mitch Albom now returns to the best seller charts with “The Five People You Meet In Hell,” which he emphasizes is not a sequel.

In the first book, an amusement park maintenance man named Eddie dies unexpectedly while trying to save a young girl’s life at Ruby Pier. He unexpectedly finds that ‘life’ doesn’t end with his death. Read the full story

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