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Jeb Bush: I’m Not ‘White,’ Just a Regular Guy (2/2)

The old story continues:


Uh-uh-uhhh! I am Jeb Bush, and I’m not white.

Forget it! I’m just a standard-issue regular guy, like every one of you. Read the full story


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Conservative: It’s What Smart Gays, Blacks and Young Are Voting

Liberal Bastion Americans For Prosperity has a new study out, and it proves what real Americans have known for some time; smart people from all walks of life plan to vote conservative.

“[Conservative] is just where it’s at,” said gay, African-American atheist William Grean. “Their values and priorities just align better with what we believe in.” Read the full story


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Donald Trump Dons Blackface to Prove He is Not Racist

Donald Trump decided to pull out all the stops to put to rest once and for all the ridiculous notion that he is a racist. Scheduled to speak before a group of business leaders at his alma mater, Wharton School of Business in Philadelphia, Trump stepped onto the stage donning traditional blackface. Read the full story


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Historians: Brigham Young May Have Been Black, Hams Rejoice

Historians have discovered that Brigham Young, the second Prophet and President of the LDS (Mormon) Church was actually black. Dr. Hyrum Kimball at Northern Utah State University revealed his controversial findings at a symposium of Mormon History marking the 180th anniversary of the founding of the LDS Church.

“These findings have been verified through DNA checking of samples of blood and hair that were within the Mormon archives. We also exhumed the body when the results were known to make sure that samples had not been switched or contaminated in any way. The testing was confirmed by three separate labs.” Read the full story


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25yr Coma Man Wakes, Stunned to Learn of Black President

Ozark, Alabama – Jeff Stills was a successful crop farmer from the lower state of Alabama that was raised on a farm he would soon call his own.  Unfortunately on the night of April 6th 1984 he flipped his General Lee replica(per his initial description). After further questioning he revealed it was in fact a ’78 Gremlin given to him by his aunt with a crudely painted “homage” to the General Lee at best.  He then entered a coma deeper than any Dukes of Hazard plot. Read the full story


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Mattel Announces New Line of Black Barbie Dolls to be in Stores by Kwanza

With the success of last years “Cougar Barbie” still fresh in their minds, Mattel will launch a full line of Black Barbie dolls in time for the Kwanza celebrations.

The original proposal was for a single new doll shipped with a hair straightening kit for the kiddies to play with. After careful review by the corporate safety department, it was decided that this action would expose too many young children to the harsh chemicals in the straightening kit. Read the full story


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