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Not Funny: Another Tasteless Joke About Syria (It Doesn’t Taste of Bitter Orange Though)

What’s the difference between moderate Syrian choppers and an impotent autocrat? Read the full story


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Bono: ‘Concert in Syria? Over My Dead Body, Lad…’

For some time now, people have been wondering whether Bono will be jetting off to Syria and Iraq, in order to single-handedly deliver the beleaguered citizens of these countries from the perils of war.

But he’s not having it!

C’mon lad! Just give us some bloody innovation, would ya? Not going to perform nothing in Syria, so I’m not.

Sure who cares about all this here about embattled autocratic leaders and beleaguered states struggling to find a common life amid the turmoil of age-old religious conflict? Sure if I wanted any of that there, I could just take a quick hike up North! Read the full story


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Tapped Phone Conversation Between Putin and Assad Proves Revealing

The famous expose website Wakileaks (yes, that is spelled correctly) has successfully tapped into a most intriguing phone call between those two most beloved of dictators in the world- Bashar al-Assad and his Grace Vladimir Putin of Russia. We have the transcript here just as it was translated from the phone tap:


Putin: Hello my old buddy Bashar! How are you doing?

Assad: Ah, Putin! My best friend, my ally, my colleague, the guy who saves my butt! How are you yourself?

Putin: Oh, quite good, old chum. A few miscreant Chechens here and there, but nothing like what you are having to put up with. Read the full story


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WikiLeaks Gets An Inside Look At Assad’s “Historic” Meeting With Putin

The famed web expose site WikiLeaks scored a mammoth coup this week with its hidden camera surveillance of the Assad/Putin meeting in Moscow.

The leader of Syria and the President of Russia were presumably meeting to discuss their mutual concerns about the rebellion in Syria. The hidden tapes revealed much more than that.

The following is a direct transcript of the meeting of the two dictators translated into English: Read the full story


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Syria & the Ever-Changing Face of American Patriotism & International Responsibility

The American psyche sometimes goes through amazing changes.

12 years ago we couldn’t wait to get our hands on that ultimate harbinger of evil Saddam Hussein and his dire WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (GASP!!!!!!!) and to send his bad self to an early destiny with Hell (the Muslim one, not the Christian).

Now, faced with a man just as repugnant who REALLY DOES HAVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and HAS actually used them, we just can’t be bothered and think we should not get involved. Read the full story


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Assad agrees to cooperate in “symbolic strike” against Syria

The Assad regime in Syria today agreed to cooperate in a “symbolic strike” against itself. “We understand the need for the U.S. to maintain its prestige and credibility,” said a Syrian government official, on condition of anonymity, “and if bombing some unused installation in the middle of nowhere will make them feel better, we’re willing to help.”

RIGHT: Tomahawk missile on a symbolic mission. [CLICK TO ENLARGE] Read the full story


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US vows retaliation for rebel chemical weapon use

The United States today assured the world that the “red line” against chemical weapons use applies equally to both the Assad government in Syria and the rebel forces. “We are not hypocrites,” said White House spokesperson Janus Touphaisse. “We have the same standards for everyone.”

I met later with Mr. Touphaisse for further details.

RIGHT: Artist rendering of US foreign policy. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Read the full story


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Obama defends U.S. alliance with al-Qaeda

It’s not easy to get an interview with the U.S. President. I had to pretend I was compliant journalist David Gregory, but it worked. Here is our conversation.

Barb Weir: Thank you for granting me this interview, Mr. President.

Obama: I owe you, David, after you suggested that Glenn Greenwald should be charged with a crime for interviewing that spy, Edward Snowden. How could that traitor reveal that the U.S. government is spying on the American people? I know you would never report something like that. We need more journalists like you.

RIGHT: Undercover reporter Barb Weir interviews President Barack Obama. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Read the full story


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German Truffles Snuff Out Syrian Conflict

Assad’s chocolate-covered Eurotrip ends in his capture

The Syrian conflict ended yesterday after the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and his wife, Amir al-Assad, were captured last week in the small German town of Steinheim.

Assad and Asma returned to Syria yesterday, after German interrogators got Assad to spill the details behind his surprise presence in Germany (with the help of some German beer).

Assad’s decision to secretly visit Germany began over a month ago as a direct result of the dwindling supply of his favorite food: the German Chocolate Truffle.

His wife, Amir, confirmed in an interview with Deutschewelle that, “the truffles are his one true weakness. He eats about three dozen per day. It’s terrible; there’s no room in the refrigerator for anything else.”

The Assad family used to receive a weekly shipment of chocolate truffles until the European Union imposed its luxury goods embargo on Syria on 17 June 2012. The list of banned goods includes truffles, along with Italian shoes, wines exceeding $3 sales price, yachts exceeding 285,000 square feet, cars exceeding 500g leather seat mass, small Greek islands, large Greek islands, The Settlers of Catan®, tapas, glaciers, the Mona Lisa, and Lego.

Just weeks after the luxury goods embargo was implemented, Assad’s chocolately truffle supply was completely exhausted. Assad then assembled a team of his most loyal followers (his wife) and, armed with several copies of Lonely Planet, set out to hunt the chocolate delicacies in the land of origin: Germany.

While the truffles were unquestionably priority number-one, Assad and Amir made an effort to pick up other luxury European items along the way. In a stop in Norway, a security camera captured blurry footage of the two in Oslo’s shopping center. They were apparently fooling vending machines with a 50kg burlap sack full of 10 Pound Syrian coins, which are similarly sized to the 20 Krone Norwegian coin (1 Norwegian Krone equals approximately 11 Syrian pounds). With their trickery they were able to purchase 2 salted salmons and avoid arrest.

Authorities were hot on Assad’s Eurotrip trail throughout August, but the critical tipoff came from the German chocolatier, Herman Derdeutscher, owner of the chocolate shop in Steinheim that Assad visited. “I saw these two come in,” Derdeutscher recounts. “They had lots of bags with them, and I see they have some Italian shoes, some cheap wines, some tapas, Lego. Their taste in wine was abysmal, but otherwise, it all looked pretty ordinary.”

Assad got right down to business, Derdeutscher recalls. “Right away he asked me for every chocolate truffle in the store. And then I remember reading in my newspaper about that list of luxury goods for the embargo on Syria and there I see what’s in the shopping bags, and my truffles, and I put two and two together.

“And of course I’m also thinking, why isn’t the man carrying any of the shopping bags?”

When authorities arrived, Assad and Amir attempted to pass themselves off as Turks, but to no avail. In the words of officer Luwe Öder, “To test their Turkishness we asked them to draw the Turkish flag. You know, red, with its crescent moon and adjacent star. So they drew it, but they both drew the star inside the crescent, like it appears on the Algerian, Tunisian, and Libyan flags. That let us know we were dealing with Arabs, not Turks.”

Derdeutscher said he feels no guilt for calling the Allgemeinöffentlichkeitssicherheitspersonal (English: “Police”) and turning in Assad. “But I do wish the government had let him make this purchase anyway.”

Assad might not have gotten to taste Derdeutscher’s chocolate, but the Germans were able to engineer a “made in Germany” deal that left everyone happy, including the dictator’s sweet tooth.
The deal was orchestrated by Ilse Eigner, head of the BundesministeriumfürErnährungLandwirtschaftundverbraucherschutz (English: “FDA”). Under the deal, chocolate truffles were collected from across the world and put into a truffle trust fund. Assad would then gain the truffle trust fund and free travel back to Syria on the condition that he stop all of the terrible stupid conflict going on there.

Assad countered, demanding that the Belgians double their contribution, ignoring his wife’s plea’s that, “Honey, we’re in a German prison and in no place to be making demands.” But instead the Belgians – to everyone’s surprise – quadrupled their contribution and, with that, convinced Assad to throw in a peace-with-Israel.

Upon his return, Assad originally refused to share the chocolatey mountain of truffles with his fellow Syrians on the grounds that, “they have peace; what more do they want?” But he soon relented after Amir reminded him about the severe lack of freezer space in the Assad home.

The way she puts it: “If only every civil conflict could melt away as fast as a German chocolate truffle in the scorching Syrian sun.”


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