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Chapter 5: Golf Vacation Ahoy! (Honest Adolph Volume 2)

More abusive behavior from GOP establishment doorstop Marcus Charleston Bubble.

Meanwhile, Saul and Otis have a curious encounter…

On the golf field, of all places!

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Hope for Sufferers from Crazy Uncle Syndrome

Dateline: NEW YORK—Leo Cornwallis belongs to roughly the third of modern male siblings that suffer from Crazy Uncle Syndrome, according to the Sociological Index of Abnormality.

But Leo and a growing number of others like him have sought to mitigate their condition by joining the Crazy Uncles Society.

Morris Pencilpusher, a sociologist at NYU who studies the syndrome, says that most boys in modern societies grow up to be relatively well-adjusted and successful, according to that Index which defines normality in terms of a range of politically correct criteria. Read the full story


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