Danica Patrick Accuses NASCAR Drivers of Misogyny

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick charged other drivers with sexism and misogyny after being bumped in Sundays Daytona 500 causing her to crash into the outer wall and ending her race.

“There’s only one woman at Daytona today and who gets driven off the track? Connect the dots and do the math.” Patrick added “Well, I can’t do the math but I’m sure one of you men out there can help me with that.”

“They hate women, what other conclusion can we come to? That’s two out of three Daytonas I’ve had a mysterious ‘accident’,” added Patrick.

Patrick was involved in a ten car collision Sunday when driver Alic Almirola got bumped causing him to contact Patrick. After the race Almirola said “I signaled I was merging over into her lane but I guess she didn’t see me. Maybe she was sexting”.

The controversy comes on the heels of an imbroglio earlier in the week when racing legend Richard Petty stated Patrick could win only if the other drivers didn’t show up. Patrick’s race team Stewart Racing responded by calling Petty “an anachronistic fossil” and challenging him to a grudge match with Patrick playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Petty followed up with “I’m 69, who do they think I am, Bobby Riggs?”

In a press release later that day Patrick car sponsor Who’s Your Daddy accused Petty of not understanding the nuances of modern race finances.

“Sure, we lose money sponsoring Patrick as a driver but we make it up on calendar sales” said a Daddy spokesperson.

In other news Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins the Daytona 500.

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