What to Expect from the New FIFA 21 Video Game?

One thing that you can always be confident about in this ever-changing and confusing world is the launch of the new series of FIFA video games. Electronic Arts (EA) has never missed coming out with a newer version of the popular sporting fiesta title since its launch. The 21st edition of the FIFA video game based on football was released during the time of the pandemic. It is coming at a time when the soccer fans are devoid of live match action. This could be heart-warming for all the EPL fans. The EPL fans do not have permission to watch the matches in the stadium due to the ongoing pandemic. This new release at least could offer some consolation to the ardent football fans.

FIFA 21 Has Arrived 

FIFA 21 was finally released in October 2020. After missing the late September deadline due to the pandemic, the standard version of FIFA 21 will work on a wide variety of gaming consoles like PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series-X, and Nintendo Switch. There are two special editions of this title on offer. They include Champions and the Ultimate editions. The Champions Edition is not available on Nintendo Switch but might come on later. The standard version costs £59.99, with the Champion Edition and Ultimate Edition coming for £79.99 and £89.99, respectively.   

New Features on Offer 

This soccer simulation title does come with improved features for every new season. The football world is seeing the use of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) to check out genuine goal scores. The stimulator gaming provider has not included the VAR feature in the latest release. This might disappoint many of the ardent gaming fans. EA has made minor tweaks and adjustments to the gameplay to make it more lively and exciting. You can find many new features added in the 21 series to improve the overall gaming quality. 

Some of the impressive features that will help you up to your game and make it worthwhile are:

Agile Dribbling 

The major feature that is sure to delight soccer gaming fans is agile dribbling. The player in control of the ball can make a fancy footwork dribble whenever you press the right button with your thumb. This added feature can give both the defenders and the attackers an extra power to have deft control of the ball. They can surprise the opponent players with their dribble skills to get the ball past the opponent. This is in addition to the strafe and faces up dribbling options already in use in the FIFA 21 game. 

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Other Gameplay Options 

EA has given great attention to detail in the goalmouth action. The scrambles for the ball, the attacking and defence tactics, the possession of the ball and the battle to grab it looks very close to real action. It is very smooth and seamless, and the users will enjoy greater goalmouth action than ever before. The positioning personality feature is a great addition to this series. The ardent gamers can make better use of the open spaces to send the ball into open spaces with better control over its movement. You can just flick the right stick to get the teammate to run to these open spaces to collect the open pass. The creative run is another interesting option that you can try to improve your offensive skills. 

Enhancements in Career Mode 

FIFA 20 had some issues with career mode, and this new version made certain adjustments in this regard to improve player performance. You can improve the player’s ability through the group training sessions. This allows you to work on the player’s weakness. This is part of the Active Training System feature. This helps a particular player to work hard during training to come up with brownie points to have better match day readings.

New Images  

New icons are introduced by EA for every FIFA game they release. These icons join the heroes’ roster. The 21 series has Eric Cantona in its promotions. As for the footballers, you can now find Fernando Torres, Xavi, Nemanja Vidic, Ashley Cole and other members of their respective teams. 

Positives of FIFA 21

This one comes with enhanced gameplay, and the ball passing is very smooth and cleaner than before. The crossing, wide play, and heading get a serious boost thanks to the introduction of Agile Dribbling. This makes it feel as if you are playing in a real football environment. The opposition gaming is tweaked, and they now react in a similar vein to how real opponents work in the playing arena. 

Closing Thoughts 

FIFA 21 offers everything that ardent gaming fans want to see. Those who have played the earlier versions of the video game will not have trouble picking this new version and start scoring. The makers have added many features, and hence there are many new things to learn and practice. The franchise has not gone deep into creating something unique. They are saving their best moves and features for the next edition that would be ruining the new consoles. Despite that, FIFA 21 has everything to capture the joy and essence of football.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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