Collinsworth: “The Patriots are still going to win Superbowl LII”

Color commentator Cris Collinsworth, best known for talking over his play-by-play co-host Al Michaels during prime-time NFL broadcasts, is reportedly still holding out hope for the New England Patriots to rally and defeat the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

The controversy started after the clock hit zero in the fourth quarter of the big game. As the green and white confetti rained from the ceiling Collinsworth Tweeted, “when the GOAT [Tom Brady] is in the game, there is no game clock.” It was unclear whether the decreasingly relevant Collinsworth was holding out hope that Tom Brady could still pull out a win, or whether the commentator was suffering slow upload speeds on the Sprint network.

The yellow marker wielding ex-receiver was reportedly vehement in his conviction that the ageless-but-pouty New England QB could still pull out a victory even after the Trophy Ceremony. “Look, we can’t continue the rich tradition of color commentators distracting viewers from what’s happening on the field unless we craft a narrative in advance and stick to it throughout the game and even after,” Collinsworth stated in an informal post-game interview with Michelle Tafoya. Collinsworth continued, “for a victory to be an upset, we have to make fans upset; that’s part of what makes the game great.”

There is speculation that Collinsworth may have been prompted to send out the Tweet to distract viewers from his earlier statement that Super Bowl LXII, the game in which the two teams combined for more offense than any other pairing in the history of the big dance, was “almost as good” as Justin Timberlake’s Pepsi Half Time Show.

“That tremendous performance by homie, JT, was just tremendously tremendous in the most tremendous of tremendous fashions. Just tremendous” said Collinsworth as he watched the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Parade in downtown Philly.

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Author: Wyatt Jarvis

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