Hope Solo, US Women’s Soccer Goalie, Can’t Stop Slapping Things Down

Seattle – Hope Solo, the hot goalie and star of the Team USA Soccer team, is used to swatting things away. Everything from soccer balls to guys constantly hitting on her.

But now it looks like the beauty might be taking her work home with her. The goalie was arrested this week for beating her sister and nephew after an incident at a party in her home got out of control.

Solo has stated she is not guilty because her sister allegedly tried to kick her nephew into Solo, a move the goalie thought was a soccer move so she reacted by catching her nephew, then kicking him back across the living room into her sister.

“It was just a reflex. It’s what I do out of habit.” Solo said. “If something comes at me fast, I naturally swat it away or catch it and kick it back down field. My sister knows that.”

The soccer beauty swatted away 4 flies and the advances of three guys immediately after the incident and it does appear she may have a lack of patience regarding things flying at her out of nowhere.

Solo’s sister’s boyfriend called a penalty on the move and called the police. After hitting on Hope for ten minutes after their arrival, police questioned witnesses and arrested the star goalie.

A police spokesman admitted it wasn’t necessary to take Solo downtown to be booked but she was just too hot. The guys couldn’t resist and many got their pictures taken with the future Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Fortunately for Solo, few Americans heard about the arrest because they are trained to tune out if they hear the word ‘soccer’ or ‘soccer player.’

This reporter has been told that Hope’s sister is not as hot as she is so the sister probably had the beat down coming anyway.

Author: E. Williams

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