Nintendo 1 ups Rapper

Michigan rapper gets no option to continue with “Super Mario World” themed clothing idea. “Its down the tubes like Mario i guess” says $Paid (Pronounced Spade) unsigned recording artist and part owner of Street Made Entertainment.

The Facebook rhymer got a cease and desist order served to him over a litigation from a possible t shirt idea featuring what looks like the Super Mario World theme.

“They’re a joke” claims the artist who raps on stage covered in glow sticks like a 18 year old on acid at a rave.

Nintendo brought out the flower power and spitfired the shirt idea after Hashtags on Facebook were reported. Now that lawyers have sent out the cease and desist $Paid has little time to respond and take down the photo and his Facebook artist profile (

“I feel like Mario in big world for Super Mario Bro’s” he spouts off. After reading the letter he instantly Facebooked the pages and started an uproar on the social media Goomba.

“They went off and gave Nintendo all 64 bits of their mind.” $Paid cites at an attempt to be funny. Whats not funny is the possibilities of fines that the webcee could amass with an attempt of battle.

“They probably 7×9=73 every box i seen at the left of when my mom called me ugly” babbles $Paid apparently hallucinating from some sort of Mario mushroom. The infringement litigation and consumer confusion could quite possibly ruin any type of future for the internet lyricist. Considering the past of Nintendo and the lawyers they hire this rapper has no more extra lives to continue.

Here is the actual letter


Author: Jagr Ukraine

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