North Korean Soccer Punishment ‘Excessive’

After being knocked out of the World Cup, North Korea took unique approach to improve their teams performance, which has been criticized as a punishment and branded ‘excessive’, spec “ifically by “sports pussies.”

When our source in North Korea asked the coach why he used such excessive methods, he was forced to run laps around the field with a bag of rocks on his back and four metric pounds of gravel in his shorts, but with no explanation how to convert pounds to metric.

This should come as no surprise as North Korea has recently decreed dirt as a vegetable, fallen corpses as “reclaimed resources” and child soldiers as “complimentary punching bags.” What can I say, they’re a bunch of backward dirt-bags.

You mock me for mocking them, but what they do is far, far, far worse. The curtain will fall, you’ll see.

See the rest of the story on YouTube, or scroll down for the video.


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