Local Angler Suddenly Better Than Long-time Fishing Buddies

Florida native and longtime saltwater angler, Clayton Moore, announced to friends this afternoon that, due to his recent purchase of a fly rod, he is now a better fisherman than they are.

“I’ve suspected it for a while but when I bought that fly rod it just hit me. I am without a doubt a superior angler to anyone that uses conventional tackle.”

Long a mecca for anglers, fishermen have been using everything including cane poles, cast nests, spinning rods and pike fishing reels to haul in bluefish, redfish, northern pike and snook along the Florida coast for hundreds of years. Fly fishing, common along trout streams of the western U.S., is a relatively new technique salt water arena.

Despite a lack of practice with his new rod, he’s actually yet to wet his line, Moore cites the ability as the dividing line. “It takes a lot more skill,” he explained. “There’s so much technique to it. A lot of fishermen just can’t handle it.”

Rob Thompson, fellow Florida angler and self-professed bait caster, wasn’t surprised by Moore’s announcement. “I’ve seen it before,” Thompson said. “These guys sit there spouting technique all day while the rest of us catch fish.”

Author: Adam

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