Paralympians Are People Too

Thanks to the Paralympics, disabled people are now being viewed as actual people, according to the worldwide media.

In hopes to change attitudes towards those with disabilities, the IOC, the International Olympic Committee, have decided to hold the Paralympics in London.

The head of the IOC, Count Jacques Rogge, said at a press conference that the Paralympics were being held to show that the disabled can do things that people could.

“It came to our attention that people all over the world think that the disabled are weak, helpless, and do not have the same drive and ambition as the rest of us.”

Janet from the USA, who is in London for the games, said, “It’s just great, you know? Really lovely to see the disabled getting some fresh air.”

More idiotic comments came from Mike, one of the British Paralympic volunteers; “I was amazed to see some of the disabled weren’t even in a wheelchair.”

The Paralympics has been highly praised not for the high level of world class sport and commitment from the athletes or for the sportsmanship and great achievements of these hardworking, dedicated people; but for helping change the attitudes of the stupid, everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “Paralympians Are People Too

  1. I also enjoyed the ethos-of-sport-impaired sponsors;

    McDonalds – great health food.
    Coke – great sports drink
    and my favourite Atos – who have been wrongly classing disabled benefit applicants as ‘fit for work’ since 2005 (the year the Paras was awarded to London).

  2. I find it especially inspiring to see the mentally handicapped, who mostly fill the pubs outside the venues.

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