Dick Cheney Voted ‘Worst President Of All Time”

Polling across the world has indicated that many people, especially in America, consider Dick Cheney to be “the worst President in history.’

Cheney, using someone named ‘Bush’ as a front man, controlled and manipulated U.S. political procedure to the point of near-dictatorship.

Showing cheeky disregard for constitutional rights and international treaties while still mouthing the virtues of democracy, Cheney weakened the freedoms of the individual in all aspects of the government.

His two-faced form of governing has inspired other corrupt leaders such as Robert Mugabe and Jabba the Hut. Russian ‘Leader behind the Throne’ Putin has modeled his unique form of despotism after Cheney’s. The Generals running Burma consider him an adviser. Donald Trump often writes to him with questions.

Madame Toussaunds Wax Museum has recently added a display of America’s first dictator to its collection. “It has been very effective in scaring the rats out of the place” says curator Monsieur Threesaund. “Unfortunately, the thing has scared quite a few of the customers as well.” The London police have been known to borrow Cheney’s wax statue at night to ride around in their police cars with the intent to scare any would be criminals they come across.

Amnesty International has even written a special report of abuses suffered by an entire nation tortured mentally and emotionally during his reign. Parade Magazine included him in its ‘Top Ten Dictators Of The Year’ rating just behind Gaddafi.

When questioned by very brave reporters who dared get within biting range of the alleged ‘civil servant,’ Cheney snarled “I might be ‘the worst president of all time’ but on the list of ‘greatest tyrants of all time’ I happen to rank quite high.” He then had the reporter tortured.

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  1. I knew all along that “cheeky disregard” would out Cheney. I don’t know of one evil doer who hasn’t been accused of being a cheeky bastard at one point in time or another.

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