Stiletto Blitz on Co-worker Nets Probation for Exotic Dancer

Dateline: Akron OH – Ohio State Police reported in April that a fifty-two year old exotic dancer was assaulted by a co-worker, with a nine inch stiletto heal, on her first evening of work. Dancer Renatta Sarduchi was attacked by fellow dancer Mammilla Fantastawicz as the older dancer entered the dressing room. Police Lt. Edward Dick stated that Fantastawicz, 24, struck Sarduchi several times in the face and head with a nine inch stiletto heal.

Owners of Akron’s famous “Boom-Boom Club” declined comment other than to state that ”…girls will be girls ya know.” Ms Sarduchi refused to press charges, or to answer any questions regarding her choice of employment. Upon questioning, Ms Fantastawicz claimed self defense against the fifty-two year old grandmother stating that “…I don’t need no hot old cougar scarfing up my tips, I got habits to support and I gotta finish paying for the girls.”

Originally charged with felony assault, bringing a possible eight year prison sentence, the charge was recently reduced to one year probation and 200 hours of community service. The judge also suspended a six-month jail sentence. Defense attorney Claudio Tomasa agreed to the misdemeanor assault plea bargain on behalf of his client saying that all she wanted to do was get on with her career.

Terms of the community service leaked to the press include fifty hours of lap dances for the prosecutor’s office as well as the judge in the case, and one-hundred hours as a volunteer wheelchair pusher at the local nursing home.

Author: Iracundus Humanus

Iracundus Humanus was born in the middle of the last century, of working class parents. He was a sweet and happy child, but far too observant of the Human Condition for his own good. Seeing the manner in which people treat one another, he shed his claim to humanity (and his "sweetness") and now occasionally writes brief notes on the ills of society. He has traveled the country in a search for truth and justice (neither of which was located). He now resides in a small mid-western city containing a Major Catholic University, having located his clothing and broken down the door in the City of Brotherly Ennui.

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