The Month’s Most Controversial Religion & Atheism Headlines (I)

Bombshell Study: Metropolitan Elite Appalled to Discover Anti-Secularist Intellectuals Hate Living in Theocracies

Stop Laughing: Academics Finally Work Out Pascal’s Wager Applies to Scientology too!

Evangelical Human Rights Charity Takes up Creationist Huckster Kent Hovind as Prisoner of Conscience

Richard Dawkins: ‘Literary Criticism is Essentially Meaningless & Ought to Be Binned’

Ken Ham Condemns Harun Yahya for ‘Backward, Superstitious Contempt for Scientific Method’

Saudi Fatwa: Jinn are Causing Global Warming. Or Maybe it’s the Lesbian Zionist Charcuterie of American LGBT Pub Life Cartoonists? Or, or, or, or, or….

Mo Ansar: ‘The Life of Brian is Hate Speech and Should Be Banned… Well, Ya Can’t Say I’m too Partisan, huh?!’

Anti-Defamation League Sue Themselves for Bringing the Reputation of Jews into Disrepute


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