Poem I: Race to Outpace the Setting Sun

Imagine if you could wake up one day

And it was all gone

No more fear of failure

A scarlet balance sheet

Where all black must meet

The sorrow of inevitably night

No more ceaseless

Tear-struck striving

To outpace the setting sun.


In the House of Being

Where there is no fear

In the generous, star-lit corridors of the heavens

Where Sun and Moon lay their enmity

In all humility

And love

Where there is no light

Neither darkness

But the eternal, peaceable foelessness

Of a battle won,

A freedom fought

A crown of life, and not death, all won


Where all accusations have their end

And even stillness beckons ceasing

Where the foes of ages join hand

And friends will welcome,

Loved ones firm embrace

Never more to part,

Nor bloody-handed

Bloody-souled commence once more

The eternal strife of Cain

And Samson’s sad betrayal of his Philistine inamorata


And tongues shall cease

For henceforth, heart alone shall have dominion over all

And in all, and with all and through all,

And no more shall we part

And no more shall I be at variance with myself.


Perhaps this is what death is like.

But is not life, then, for the living also?


A strait betwixt two.


Oh what then, shall be my remedy?


Patience, brother, patience.


Do not batter my ears with your noble words…



This poem is part of a triptych (i.e. a set of three poems), called ‘Charis and Potestas.’ It will appear as a supplement to an existing ebook of mine: Foaming the Optics. 

Feel free to catch the book in the meantime; the updated version, complete with Charis and Potestas, will be available for download by 1 December.

The ebook of Foaming the Optics is free from 23-26 October 2017, on Amazon.

Catch the other two Charis and Potestas poems on 24 and 25 October; i.e. tomorrow and Wednesday!


Image attribution:

By MicheletB – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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