Inclusion Humor (II): ‘Hey, Can I Celebrate Your Diversity?’ Uh, no… Please Don’t

There is a ‘text’ and a ‘subtext’ so ubiquitous now, I feel it would be very unhelpful to attribute it to any one person. I do not wish to blame any one individual, or any number of individuals; clearly, the problem is a very ‘deep’ and ‘structural’ one, rather than being a question of a few people holding a niche view.

The prevailing notion is:

Neurodiversity is great and should be celebrated; what a dull world it would be, if there were no neurodiversity.

OK. How about these ones:

OMG dude, I just love Jewish people. Imagine how boring it would be if there were no funny little short-arse Jewish guys telling us jokes and making these wry, amusing witticisms and observations!

You know what, black people are just incredible. They’re always so happy, always so full of life and energy, oo look at those shiny teeth: and BY GOD, can they dance!

It would be a terrible country if we didn’t have all these Asian guys, wouldn’t it? Our IT industry would be f***’d if we didn’t let people from uh, the Orient, or whatever-T-F that shit is called, to supplement our own weaknesses with their strengths! Tell you what, that community there is one of our best human capital assets ever!

A few questions:

If condescension is wrong with regards to ethnicity, nationality, religion, or any other factor, is it right for neural identities?

What other ways might there be for talking sincerely about neurodivergence, and for addressing neurodivergent individuals, and for neurodivergent individuals to self-name?

Is merely doing the opposite of what Hitler did ever enough?

Troubling thoughts…


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