Cute Baby Rolls Over, Facebook Servers Crash

A SOCIAL media site descended into chaos last night following the news that a four-month-old baby had hit a milestone.

According to reports, baby Molly, rolled on to her stomach to the delight of her proud mother, Bev Herman, who then shared the news via a Facebook status.

The website had to be shut down for over 40 minutes due to the high volume of well wishers and ‘likes’ the status gained in a matter of seconds.

Sarah Hanson, an old elementary school friend, said: “It was just so exciting, you wait all year for some good news like this, but you never think it is actually going to happen.

“When it does, well, it is just wonderful. I think I speak for the whole Facebook community when I say; thank you, thank you so much for sharing this important information.

“Deep down we all have a very real need to know when babies have begun rolling onto their tummies.”

David Grundy, a previous work colleague of Bev’s, said: “We have watched Molly’s journey right from before conception when Bev announced on Facebook that she was trying for a baby.

“I would well-up with tears of joy when I saw her weekly posts about which week of pregnancy she was in and how her uterus was growing.

“Me and my wife sat with popcorn as we looked over the photo uploads of her bloody caesarean – it was magical.”

Facebook did issue a statement to say that the site was back up and running and also included a note of congratulations to Bev and Molly.

The original status now has over four million ‘likes’ and two million comments and is continuing to gain great interest.

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