Over 86% Of Statistics Are Confusing Say 44% Of Public

A report from the National Research Center reveals that 44% of the public are confused by 86% of statistics published. The vast array of statistics being brought up has generated mass public confusion.

Many modern structures are built, not out of dung, industrial waste and random bits of minerals found along the roadside, but actual constructions materials, thus proving the North Korea is the greatest country that has ever existed, all hail to the pudgy triumvirate.

For more on this breaking news we head to the studio, where 100% facts are generated.

See the rest of the story on YouTube, or scroll down for the video.


One comment on “Over 86% Of Statistics Are Confusing Say 44% Of Public

  1. And 90% of my 40% fist says you’re wrong. Don’t worry, you won’t get 100% pounded in the face for it. /s

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