Exposé: Under the Table with the Romneys

The Ann Romney ironing board story unfolds with a new wrinkle.

Photographs posted today by Households Without Housekeepers reveal the wall-unit ironing board reportedly used as the Romney dining table was in fact a Murphy bed.

The labor activist organization refused to name the source of the photographs.

The most damning picture showed the bed set for a dinner party of six, complete with sterling silverware by Tiffany placed beside antique bone china offset by dazzling Waterford crystal stemware, each flourished with an etched entwined double R. An ice sculpture of Brigham Young doubled as a centerpiece designed to keep the Beluga caviar cold.

Households Without Housekeepers organized after the 2010 Romney tax returns cited paltry wages paid house staff. Despite reporting income of $21.7 million dollars, only $20,603 total in taxable wages were paid four women hired as household help that year.

HWH has questioned the meager salaries paid these employees, accusing the wealthy GOP presidential candidate of dusting additional salary dollars earned by the women under the table—ironing board, Murphy bed or otherwise—to avoid declaring the full salaries earned to the IRS.

Prints of the Murphy bed spread are available for purchase in support of the “We Made Their Beds and They Lie About It” campaign organized by Union Maid in effort to swiffer common tax evasion practices by those who nickel and dime hired help. Proceeds raised will benefit displaced domestic staff laid off by employers during the economic recession.

The Romney campaign declined comment on this story.


3 comments on “Exposé: Under the Table with the Romneys

  1. I think Ann genuinely believes they knew poverty. Not working while going to college is a luxury few can imagine. And it wasn’t even taking money from dad, he was already independently wealthy.

    You’ll notice they ate “noodles” and NOT “Top Ramen”… there is a big difference.

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