Pot Tops Booze as Most Popular Adult X-mas Gift this Year

Forget slippers and socks, power tools for the guys and tennis bracelets and earrings for the gals, this year for the first time, marijuana (pot) is the most sought after gift, both for giving and receiving.

While spirits and wine have always been at or near the top of the adult gift-giving list come Christmastime, never before has an illegal substance (or kinda-sorta legal substance now in some states depending on who you ask) made it to the top of the list.

“Finally, someone gets it,” claims Gramps McKinney, one of the oldest hippies around the Seattle, Washington area. “I been giving a dime bag of weed to all my friends since before it was cool, and look, now. Even the West Palm Beach crowd finds it uber chic to give little festive gift bags with golden tags filled with the magical smoke to all their ritzy friends.”

“Leave it to the rich to have a hand in desensitizing pot smoking,” said McKinney.

Indeed, there is such a demand for “Christmas Joy” as it is being called, that most law enforcement officers are looking the other way when pot-sniffing dogs detect the illegal substance in post offices throughout the country.

“As long as the box it is shipped in has some type of holiday markings, we are going to assume it is for gift-giving purposes and just let those packages slip under the radar,” said police sergeant Hugh Present, officer in charge of post office operations in Boulder, Colorado.

As with most other popular gift items, the upsurge in pot giving has resulted in various paraphernalia being sold in stores to turn a dime bag of pot into a gift ensemble. Now you can buy velvet pouches complete with birthstone pipes, fruit-scented rolling papers, and engraved bongs.

Added Gramps, “Nothing says Christmas cheer like a bowlful of your favorite weed being passed around Christmas day with your friends.”

Author: P. Beckert

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