Is CBD Oil the New Cocaine?


CBD. Those three little letters that everyone is talking about today. Maybe you know all about this hipster wonder sauce. Maybe you have barely heard of it. Either way, what you are probably thinking is, “this stuff sounds wild! Is CBD the new cocaine?” 

Great question! As Rick James once said on the Chappelle Show, “cocaine is a hell of a drug.” Is CBD a hell of a drug too? Is it a drug at all? Is it, in fact, the new cocaine or something very different? Well, there is no simple way to answer that because maybe CBD oil is the new cocaine. Maybe it is not. 

The only way to decide is to lay out the case for each and figure this out. Here we go.

 Isn’t CBD just Weed Oil? 

Before we get started on the whole, “is it the new cocaine/is it not the new cocaine?” thing, let’s figure out what CBD oil is because many people think it is just a fancy word you can say to your parents instead of saying weed. WebMD can explain all the science nonsense but the general idea is that it is kind of weed oil but, unfortunately, it is not going to get you high. 

Weed and CBD both come from the Cannabis sativa plant. You can get CBD from the cannabis plant (which is the fun to one smoke) or the hemp plant (which is NOT fun to smoke). CBD on its own will not make you high because it is a different chemical compound than THC, the compound with psychoactive properties, or as Miley Cyrus calls it, “the fun stuff’. 

So, if CBD is not going to get you high, how is it the new cocaine?

 Why CBD oil IS the new cocaine

If CBD is not going to make you feel like you are at dinner with Snoop and Martha, how is it the new cocaine? Well, even though it might not make you loopy, there are still some similarities between CBD and the Devil’s Dandruff.

 It makes you feel fantastic. Cocaine makes you feel amazing! (So I have heard… I had to ask a friend, I swear). And, so does CBD but not in that shaky, teeth grind-y, “I Love You, Man!” kind of way that coke does. 

CBD helps with so many things such as relieving stress and anxiety, helping you sleep better, and it can even help alleviate inflammation and chronic pain. It is also believed that is can help prevent seizures and lessen the symptoms of everything from autism to depression to cancer and more. It may not make you think you can run through a wall like California snowflakes will but after you do, if you take CBD maybe your shoulder won’t hurt as much. 

 You never really know what you’re going to get. When you open up a fresh sack of the Marching Powder, you never know exactly what is in there. It could be pretty pure or it could be cut with some things that you may want to think twice about putting up the ‘ol sniffer. 

The same is true for CBD oil and other CBD products like CBD cream. You are not going to get bad drugs or baking powder in your CBD oil but there are a lot of brands and products out there that are not very pure or have been extracted from plants grown with chemicals. 

You want to do your research on the brand to avoid this. Giftwits has a good list of the top 20 CBD oils you can trust.

 Why CBD oil is NOT the new cocaine

Ok, well now, obviously, CBD is the new cocaine. It is very similar because it makes you feel so good and sometimes you get a sketchy batch, right? Wrong. Even with all the similarities, there are some big differences too. Don’t make up your mind so fast.

 You can take it on airplanes now

Let’s do a little experiment. Go get a bunch of Happy Dust, put it in a suitcase and try to get on an airplane. After you do, let us know what happens in the comments below! Even without knowing how your exact experiment plays out, chances are you are now commenting from jail because that is CRAZY ILLEGAL!! 

This is where the Sugar Boogers and CBD start to go their separate ways. It is now legal to grow hemp and produce CBD oil from it in the U.S. and hemp-derived CBD is legal in almost all U.S. states. It is so legal that, as CBDKyro tells us, you can even bring CBD on an airplane now without getting cavity searched by the TSA. 

Finally, one more thing before we move on… please do NOT bring cocaine on an airplane. That is very, very bad and you will get very, very arrested.

 It is not addictive 

One other difference between CBD and the Paradise White is that one is incredibly dangerous and addictive and the other is non-habit forming and a great alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals because of the very small side effects and the non-habit forming qualities. 

Once again, just to be abundantly clear here; cocaine is the one that is horrible for you and leads to addiction and health problems and eventually death. CBD is the good one that will make your life better and help relieve many of the day-to-day ailments that you suffer from.


Is CBD oil the new cocaine? Now that the arguments have been laid out for both sides, it really is up to you to decide if this is the case. Personally, it seems like CBD might actually be the new Bizarro Blizzard Flakes. It is kind of the opposite of the White Dragon in a lot of ways. While Riding the Rails is super-fun in the moment, the long-term problems probably mean you shouldn’t do it. 

On the other hand, while CBD might not be as fun at the club on a Saturday night, the long-term benefits it offers to people are a pretty great thing. That is just one person’s opinion though. You can decide for yourself.  

Author bio: Marina Turea works as content manager at Digital Authority Partners

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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