Can You Save Money on Heating AND Keep Warm?

It’s difficult to keep your room warm and save money at the same time.

Getting ill because of a cold room is no good; and if you are in a less high-quality property, not heating your place adequately can result in mould outbreaks, which are not only unsightly, but damaging to your health as well.

But a lot of people are struggling with money at the same time.

There are no easy answers. There are, however, a few things you can consider.

1. Airing Your Room: How Many Hours a Day?

It’s a well known fact that you need to air your room. But this can make the room cold, especially in winter.

One option is to think about how many hours a day you air your room. Here’s one discussion on the Mumsnet Forum.

I wasn’t able to find any conclusive medical advice. How about you?

From now on, I’m going to try airing the room for an hour a day; no more, no less!

2. Airing Your Room: What Time of Day?

But also, I’m going to air it at a time when it’s not too cold. Here, in the UK, it’s already chilly; and as we move from early November into December and January, it’s only going to get worse. So, instead of leaving the window open overnight (tempting as it is!) I’m going to open it for one hour a day; morning only.

(DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this article should be considered as medical advice. Please do your own research).

3. Radiator: Length of Time

Many people will find the radiator doesn’t have to be on all day. And if you don’t have your windows open too much (I’ll leave it to you to decide what ‘too long’ means), you should find it easier to avoid having it on all day.

4. Radiator: Heat Setting

Not everyone needs the radiator on the highest setting; tempting as it is! All you need is to have the room comfortable. If you find that you’re getting flushed and want to open the window again or turn the heating off, don’t ignore your body. Take note of the situation; it may be that you need to find a better strategy.

Oh, and on that note:

5. Trial and error

Everyone is an individual. How much heat people needs depends upon a lot of circumstances: their age, height, weight, etc. Try and find what works for you; but don’t take any unnecessary risks. Health comes even before wealth!

Do you have any more helpful money-saving tips? Leave your thoughts below.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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