Sex Ed Declared Gross and Bad

Oakland, Indiana — Sexual Education is a course dealing with human sexuality, including anatomy, reproduction, health, and reproductive rights and responsibilities.

The topic of whether or not sexual education should be instructed in public schools is still highly controversial and a common debate even in 2014.

Jefferson Middle School recently adapted a semester long Sex Ed course required for all seventh graders. This decision received a lot of backlash from angry parents who subsequently demanded a public forum with the Oakland City Schools board to explain their side of things.

I sat in on both the first class of the school year and the forum that took place this last Thursday to receive a better understanding of the frustration of parents.

Sitting in on the classroom, I was met with many adolescents eager to learn the material of this course that led to so much anger amongst their parents. After a minute-long chant of simply the word “penis” upon the teacher demonstrating how to properly place a condom on by using a banana, it was clear to me that I was surrounded by an immature crowd incapable of handling the subject matter.

These kids were on a fast track to becoming sex-crazed deviants and it became apparent that informing students of how their bodies work and how to prevent sexual disease could only possibly lead to one outcome – the deformation of their conscience.

The students were subject to embarrassment and excitable due to the material which lead to an out of control classroom. It was obvious that school was simply not the place for students to learn the moment they went wild upon hearing their impatient teacher say the word vagina.

However, a series of short interviews with the adolescents revealed about half of the students barely knew what the word vagina meant. “I laughed because everyone else was laughing”, said Allison, age twelve.

At the public education forum later that evening, I was met with many thought-provoking comments made by rightfully apprehensive parents. “Whether or not my son knows the correct anatomical term for his genitalia is up to me!”, stated a local dad.

A main concern among the parents was that they be the ones to educate their children, yet the topic being such an uncomfortable one to discuss with one’s child led to much confusion among the parents and many were seemingly straining their brains trying to come up with a solution. “Honestly it may just be better if we let them figure it all out for themselves somehow”, pitched Sandra, a soccer mom of 3.

One hysterical mother towards the end of the meeting went on, “Our children are being bombarded with overtly sexual images, witchcraft, and sexual immorality! It’s plain to see these educators want my sons to get pregnant!” Her comment was met with many approving nods throughout the crowd, summarizing what was on the mind of all of those who attended the forum.

In conclusion, sexual education is simply not a serious issue – although twelve million people are infected annually by STDs and 350,000+ girls aged 15-19 get pregnant each year.

Quite frankly, there is no factual link between proper education and access to condoms or other forms of contraceptives and a decrease in sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies.

This is common knowledge and still Planned Parenthood and similar companies continue to push their sexual propaganda onto our youth. Many are wondering, why? Yet a study conducted by Dr. Anchell shows that their motive is obvious – Money.

“It is quite apparent that such a large company wouldn’t waste their assets simply to educate America’s youth, there is basically no reason to do that. It must be about money..somehow, probably”, said Anchell. “Basically, it’s just gross and bad.”

Author: Angel Riddle

I am currently a senior in high school and reside in Oberlin, Ohio.