The Myth of the GOP Repeal & Replace Talking Point

It was difficult for Republicans to fight against Obamacare. While they tried to vilify it, people actually liked what it stood for, and the rebate checks from premiums didn’t hurt either.

But in opposing something designed to fix a national crisis, you have to have a cure of your own. They didn’t have one, so they yelled “Repeal & Replace,” but years on, we can see they really had no ideas in the first place.

Repeal and replace with what? It was asked over and over in presidential and congressional debates, but no answer ever managed to surface. It’s almost as if they didn’t have an answer. Why? Because it was always a lie.

Replace it with what, exactly?

Tort reform has been a popular target in recent years, but no member of congress has put forward a bill to address this issue.

Another popular bugaboo is price controls, and issue likewise never raised by members of congress.

Repeal is off the table. Both houses approved it, the president signed it, the Supreme Court upheld it, the president ran on it in his re-election platfrom, and won resoundingly. We’re done with repeal, so why can’t we work to improve and augment?

Rather than working to improve on what is already the law of the land, and already bringing down the rates of increase and returning premiums to the hands of the insured, the Republican controlled house is doing… what?

Instead of trying to make things better, House Republicans have voted 41 times to repeal Obamacare, knowing full well it would never pass the senate, nor survive a presidential veto.

Guys, repeal and replace was a dubious claim from the outset, but here we are, years later, and the proof is in the pudding hospitals no longer serve. The Republicans have no ideas, they just want to see the democrats fail, even if it’s with the ideas the Republicans initially put forward.

Human carrot John Boehner (not pronounced boner, since his failed trial with Viagra,) has said he’s doing the will of the people by standing up to Obamacare, but he isn’t. He’s standing up for the moneyed interests, and if he gets his way, at least 30,000 Americans will die this year for a lack of health insurance.

More often than once every 20 minutes an American will die due to lack of medical insurance, and John Boehner is happy to let this slide, so long as he can make Obama look bad and earn his own re-election.



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