Missouri Hospital To Avoid Discrimination Charge By Canceling All Visitations

Research Medical Center in Kansas City Missouri is making a change to their visitation policies in an effort to avoid appearing discriminatory by eliminating visiting privileges for all patients.

The hospital has recently become the focus of attention by gay rights activists after having the domestic partner of a patient arrested, which is both gay and gaaaay.

The recent controversy that was sparked by their illegal removal of a domestic partner of a patient in their facility was seen by many as being extremely intolerant and homophobic. This view is not shared by the uneducated masses in the state who have rushed, along with traditional marriage advocacy groups, to show their support for taking away an individuals civil rights.

While many details of the incident are still being slowly released to the public, the facility has taken the “circle the wagons” approach to reduce the negative image that has already been generated, with first nations citizens obviously excluded.

Early descriptions of the encounter released by the hospital have only explained the confrontation from the events following the initial decision to preject the patient’s loved one.

We continue to investigate the initial confrontation that led to his eventual arrest to try and determine why federal regulations were ignored by the on-site staff. Several employees who appeared to be intimate with the incident did offer their off-the-record opinions of what had transpired.

Unidentified employee A said, “Are you kidding me? These guys come in here all the time asking to see their ‘loved ones’ and we usually direct them to the nearest restroom to find a new boyfriend!”

Unidentified employee B stated “I need to follow what I learnted in church on Sunday and shut out the suffering, pain, and unjust actions I see everyday. If G-D had meant to let two men take up living together then why did she make the GOP?’

Unidentified employee C said, “Oh the guy named A is Dereck Johnstone, and the guy you listed as B was William Black. Just so those homophobic bastards are labeled forever, but you didn’t hear it from me,” said Jacson Yatges, a doctor of internal medicine at the hospital.

Much much less on this story as it develops.

Author: Mike Kelly

I like finding the humor in politics. Sometimes what you hear isn't that far from the bizarre.

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  1. Same-sex marriage proponents are the vicious oppressors. They are the bigots who through their own prideful prejudices seek vengeance; whether it be by slandering anyone with whom they disagree by labeling them a “homophobe”, demanding the criminalization of anyone who refuses them service, mandatory indoctrination of our youth by the State, or the destruction of religious charities and institutions; their agenda violates the very maxims of Natural Law leaving them only legislative oppression as their only justification.

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