Conservatives Quickly Devise Cheap Plan to Counter Obamacare

The conservative parties of America have realized that they need to come up with a new health care system or stand in danger of losing the millions they have invested in the dysfunctional system that is being assailed by the Obama administration. Working overtime to beat the new system before it beat them, they finally hit upon the following brilliant proposal which is a win-win concept for them:

Step One – Let the poor and working class die out from diseases and accidents that they can’t afford to be medically treated for.

Step Two – Import new foreigner replacements to fill the work positions left behind by the dead workers.

Step Three – Repeat as often as is necessary.

It is a win-win situation for the conservatives as they eliminate the loss of money from taxes to help hospitalize sick, poor people and they still make money from the present medical system which only the wealthy can truly afford. The new workers will not ask for help because they are afraid of losing their jobs and when they die off, there will always be a new crop of foreigners to replace them. A win-win proposal if there ever was one.

Author: rfreed

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