Why Sex Education Is So Important in 2018

Emotional and psychological spheres of children’s life directly depend on how correctly and timely the sexual education is started in the family. It’s the family that has the primary responsibility for acquainting the child with many subtleties and features of sexual life, which serve as a basis for his further development.

The consequences of parents’ refusal to sex education can be an inadequate and distorted personality development of their child. And to fix the situation is much more difficult than to find strength and choose an approach for productive communication in order to inform the child about such an important issue.

As a rule, a child immerses himself in this topic as he grows up. He begins to notice and understand everything before the adults would like to explain it to him. The interest in sexual relations is caused by new sensations thanks to which a boy or girl first becomes acquainted with himself. The child can’t understand what it is, what he feels, and tries to find answers from the peers or around the web. It can be bad for him, because the information on the Internet isn’t intended for children. It would be better if the child learns about it from his parents. If he has questions, then they must be answered. Parents need to learn how to talk with their kids about such topics.

Depending on the age of a child, it’s also necessary to discuss the topic of sex with him in a different way. Let’s consider what you should talk about with a child, for example, at the age of seven.

All children are different. For someone, it’s enough to say that he was born from the mother’s tummy, and he will return to this issue only in two years. And the other child can be very inquisitive and wants to understand the whole process: how the cell gets into the mother’s body, how the child develops, and what generally happens. And he needs to hear the answers. The task of the parents is to answer any questions.

It happens that sometimes parents can’t give an answer right now – this is absolutely normal. They may not be ready or, really, don’t know something. Then it’s necessary to tell the child: “I want to talk with you on this topic, but now I’m not ready to answer your questions. Let me look for information and tomorrow we’ll come back to this conversation. “But be sure to live up to your promise! This is very important for your child. If you are too shy and don’t know how to talk with your child on such a topic, visit the introvert dating site and you will find out even more interesting information.

The children of 13-14 years old are almost adults. There is no point in hiding anything from them. According to statistics, teenagers begin their sexual life at the age of 13-16. This means that they should know everything about sex: the types of contraception, what diseases are and how they are transmitted, how to protect themselves from pregnancy, what to do if a condom breaks off, and know that sexual intercourse without a condom isn’t allowed at all in adolescence.

If teenagers don’t receive sexual education or find support at the right time, they are left to themselves and defenseless against unscrupulous speculations from commercialized media, porn product manufacturers, and so on. Once staying alone with their problems, children solve them, following the first hint, through trial and error, endangering their physical and moral health.

Let’s consider in more detail why sex education is so important for children:

  • helps the development of morality, ethics, and rectitude;
  • forms the skills of social behavior;
  • creates the basis and understanding of the importance of hygiene;
  • deepens the knowledge about their own role in the family and society;
  • informs about the danger of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • informs about gender subtleties and differences.

Often, adults underestimate the speed of development of their children and are late to understand when it’s necessary to give the children sex education.

However, such a process can’t be called complex and problematic. The main things that you should offer your child are sincerity, honesty, understanding, and the ability to hear.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.