Derailing & Fallacies Masterclass: Graduate from Yahoo Answers to Topix

Pol Pot’s Pleasure PWNK

I can’t stand Pol Pot because he’s really nasty. I don’t think he is my leader.


Yeah but isn’t his adversary Ho Chi Minh nasty too? Would you protest if Ho Chi Minh was in power instead?


Political Islamists are utter vermin.


Political Islamism isn’t monolithic!

Neither were Nazism or Sovietism. You ever hear about Stalin’s show trials, or the Night of the Long Knives?

Classical Whataboutery: Other Guys are Nasty Too (I)

There is no such thing as a moderate political Islamist. The only moderate political Islamist is a dead political Islamist.


Neocons aren’t moderate either! 

Classical Whataboutery: Other Guys are Nasty too (II)

Neocons are destroying this country with their incessant warmongering!


Jihadists are also violent, you frickin’ terrorist sympathizer! 

What’s the difference?

Reflexive Whataboutery (Defensive Self-Apologetics)


How dare you smear Hillary as a warmonger! Don’t you remember what Bush did? I sure as hell do!

I remember all too well. That’s why I criticize her for doing exactly the same thing…. But I guess you already knew that anyway!

 Mascot Whataboutery (Defensive Alter-Apologetics)


How dare you say some dyslexic people have trouble reading! Didn’t you know blind people have trouble reading too?


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