Trigger Happy Cops Off Scot-Free on “My Bad” Defense

The UK’s Independent Police Complaints Commission today publicly announced its disgraceful and scandalous decision not to censure or prosecute the shit-for-brains gun-toting plods who couldn’t tell the difference between a fanatical Ethiopian suicide bombing Jihadi terrorist and a happy-go-lucky Latino Brazilian electrician – all friendly smiles and white teeth – so shot the electrician just to be on the safe side.

Apparently the actual suspected Ethiopian terrorist – Osman Hussain – who looked more like a goatherd than an electrician – was being hunted for leaving a bag of self-raising flour on Shepherd’s Bush tube station on the 21st July 2005 – the previous day – a bag of flour purposely bought with the original intention of baking some scones and then abandoned in a spur of the moment act of radical mischief – according to the false flag propagandists – to give the impression of it being a ‘big nasty IED’.

When the dodgy bag was examined by a bomb disposal team they discovered the word ‘Flour’ had been crossed out and the word ‘Bomb’ written across the bag with a marker pen.

Intelligence officers from MI6 then deduced the terrorist suspect – Hussain – caught on CCTV leaving the bogus explosive device on the station platform – was pulling a copycat job to make his ‘bomb’ look like the same type as Mossad agent provocateurs had secreted under tube train carriages and detonated simultaneously via radio waves the previous week – killing fifty-six and further maiming and injuring hundreds of commuters and tourists – then blamed the attacks on hapless Muslim patsies in an attempt to demonise Islam even further (as if Islam actually needs any help to achieve this end) – and stir up race and cultural hatred across the UK.

The IPCC investigators told a reporter from the Whitewash Gazette they are standing by their original decision not to recommend disciplining the officers who fatally shot (read ‘murdered’) Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes as it was his own fault for looking ‘a bit Ethiopian’ and carrying a bag full of freshly-baked scones with him – looking very like the high explosive type favoured by Islamic Jihadi terrorists.

Reacting to the decision, Fellattia van der Gobble, a spokeswoman for the ‘Justice4Jean’ campaign told Fux News the IPCC’s decision made a “mockery of the inquest’s findings”.

“Today’s pronouncement by the IPCC now gives trigger-happy plods an official go-ahead to shoot first and ask questions later with impunity.”

“The IPCC have caved into Whitehall pressure and ignored the condemning narrative verdict the jury gave at Jean Charles’ inquest.”

Irate protests have also erupted from the London-based Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union, with spokesman Barton Scrunt firing off an angry diatribe to a film crew and interviewer from Sky’s ‘Double Tap’ current affairs programme “This clearly sums up the attitude of the UK’s Big Brother fascist state when the police can summarily execute any sod they like and get away with it.”

“I mean, honest hard-working skilled tradesmen – especially electricians – simply aren’t safe on the streets anymore if the stupid plods can come along and say “’Ello, ‘Ello – what ‘ave we ‘ere then – another effin’ Muslim terrorist” – then pump some hapless welder’s mate full of bullets when the poor git’s just been in the tanning parlour for half an hour and is making an attempt to grow a beard to impress some slappers at the pub.”

Mr de Menezes was shot on 22 June, 2005 at Stockwell Tube Station by Scotland Yard SO19 firearms officers who mistook him for nuisance make-believe suicide bomber Hussain Osman.

Police had been hunting Ethiopian national Osman for planting a bag of flour that was made to look like an IED on the platform at another tube station the day before Mr de Menezes was shot.

The extra-judicial fatal shooting of de Menezes came two weeks after the false flag bomb attacks on London’s transport network on 7 July 2005, which killed 56 people and maimed or injured 700 more.
The death of Mr de Menezes triggered a number of inquiries that scrutinised schoolboy style police tactics, a total lack of qualified supervision and the stark incompetence of individual decisions.

The jury at the three-month, multimillion-pound inquest, which ended in December 2008, rejected the police account of the shooting as a complete fiction – and returned an open verdict.
Among those who have been considered for disciplinary action and criminal prosecution for murder are the two numpty marksmen who jointly shot de Menezes repeatedly in the skull – and the senior officers ultimately responsible for the absolute botched-up operation.

These include Cressida Dickhead, now an Assistant Police Commissioner and Scotland Yard’s most senior woman officer – which obviously automatically exempts her from any form of criticism or criminal charges for her professional shortcomings in the affair – or being responsible for a bunch of trigger-happy cowboys whose anti-terrorist training was so deficient they couldn’t tell the difference between an Alaskan Yupik Eskimo and a South African Kalahari Bushman – let alone a Negroid Ethiopian and a Latino Brazilian.

Why, might we prudently ask, did the UK ever bother abolishing capital punishment in 1965 when incompetent Big Brother plods – even with an SO19 designation – are allowed to pack loaded guns and indiscriminately carry out the extra-judicial murders of migrant worker electricians for the sole reason they looked a bit ‘foreign’.

WTF happened to ‘habeas corpus’ and ‘due process’ while the British peasant class’s attentions were momentarily distracted by some crap on television?

A great pity the IPCC didn’t consider the fact that the term for illegally killing a person or taking human life – even by mistake – is called ‘Murder’ – and not ‘justifiable homicide’ – because the stupid SO19 plods can’t tell Stork from butter.

While the inquest was underway, new condemning facts relating to the 7/7 false flag terrorist attacks and the botched de Menenzes execution were being leaked by conscientious whistleblowers every day – even faster than the police’s Propaganda Squad could cover them up or whitewash over the glaring inconsistencies in their fictitious and perjurious account of the fateful Keystone Cops style events.

Eventually the entire affair was mired and cursed with more leaks than United Utilities Water Corp. plumbers fix in the course of a year – the most damning that the reported 7/7 tube train suicide bombers – Mohammed al Patsy and Co. – had not even been on the trains where the bombs exploded – and were summarily assassinated when they turned up at a Canary Wharf rendezvous later that morning expecting a pat on the back for their part in the anti-terrorist ‘training drill’.

As we have seen in the past with the scandalous Hutton and Butler inquires, and too the 9/11 Commission, these so called independent investigations are always overseen by the Government and used as a way of ironing out the glaring criminal inconsistencies that have arisen since the event.

However the saddest part of the entire affair is that the 22/07/2005 terrorist alert was a black propaganda-fuelled play-acting continuation of the 07/07 false flag tube bombing operations meant to further demonised Islam and drive the British public into total headless chicken panic mode – begging the Ministry of Scaremongering to “Save us! – where’s our ID cards and microchips?”- which to the undying shame of the real culprits – resulted in the assassination of an innocent Jean Charles de Menenzes.

Ah well, when you’ve already snuffed 56 commuters and maimed and injured 700 more – all innocent honest folks going about their lives – in a false flag operation carried out to justify the imposition of Big Brother laws and further slander and defame the Muslim culture – then what does the life of a singular Brazilian electrician count for in the final round playoffs of the New World Order’s Great Game? Zilch.

Author: Rusty

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