LaPierre “War On Liberal Media Requires Actual Guns”

A quote that is rumored to have been made by NRA leader and chief propagandist Wayne LaPierre recently implied that the war for public opinion against the liberal media was no longer just a war of words, it needed to be a war with actual guns.

His firmly held belief is that many in the liberal media are taking his irrational comments and using them against him in an effort to form public opinion so that the overall safety of citizens would out weigh his personal desire to continue to enrich himself with money from gun manufactures.

Right: Angry? Yeah I’m angry and I’m armed too!

While the need to confront those who choose to write articles showing a sensible right to firearm ownership, the over the top approach is merely a continuation of his previous statements and objectives.

He is a well known proponent of the continued use of the “Guns don’t kill people, angry gun owners kill people” philosophy that is ignored by the vast majority of the public. While producing statistics showing the number of people killed each year by hammer, he has been unable to show a single mass school killing that was conducted in this manner.

His recent reaction to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School displayed his lack of understanding of the basics of a civilized society. Promoting more firearms to protect against other firearms is probably a good step towards actually selling more guns, but it is not the direction that a sane mind would agree with.

The NRA backing of further mental health records becoming part of the back ground check system is something that we can all endorse. We only wish that the same information would be used for determining who can run their organization.

Author: Mike Kelly

I like finding the humor in politics. Sometimes what you hear isn't that far from the bizarre.

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