The Vast ‘Neoliberal’ Conspiracy: Is the Current Debate Too Limited?

Is it it possible to confirm or deny being a #neoliberal, if the term is infinitely elastic?

Was Stalin a #stateneoliberal, just like he was a #statecapitalist?

Will the end of #capitalism be the end of #neoliberalism, or is the end of #neoliberalism the end of #capitalism?

If Pol Pot was a #fakesocialist, and hence a #fakeanticapitalist, was he also a #fakeantineoliberal?

If #capitalism invented nationalism and militarism, did #neoliberalism also invent nationalism and militarism?

If so, how did the world manage to fall from its Edenic glory and pristine state into #thevastneoliberalconspiracy?

Was this fall into #neoliberalism the same as the fall into #capitalism which was the root of every single prejudice in the world, without exception?


Why did the chimney stack fall on the workers? BECAUSE #CAPITALISM!!!

have quite the same sexy ring as


… ?

If I substitute every single #anticapitalist sentence with #neoliberalism instead of #capitalism, will I succeed in appearing marginally less dogmatic to the #rightkindofpeople?

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, who gives a rat’s arse?

Psst! That’s enough planet-sized hashtaggery for now… 

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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