Lost Documents Suggest…Hitler Was Colorblind

Berlin, Germany-(SatireWorld.com)

A recently discovered trove of unseen secret documents dating from the Nazi era disclosed a secret that many allied intelligence services might have overlooked.

According to a doctor’s report concerning the eyesight of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, the Fuerher was color blind and couldn’t distinguish between light hued colors. In fact, he was totally color blind.

PHOTO INSERT: A frame from the last surviving Nazi propaganda news reel in rare color shows the first moments of Hitler’s entrance onto a Roman balcony wearing a pink uniform. Afterwards, all copies of the news reel were ordered destroyed. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Rolf Fritz, a medical researcher from Bonn University disclosed the information by writing an article in a recent edition of German Medical Review.

“The old bugger had to have an aide pick out the right color socks, ties, and anything that matched before he went out in public,” claims Fritz.

In a secret Nazi report dated April 1944, an aide was severely disciplined for playing a practical joke on the German leader during Das Vashenborger Day (Fascist Fun Festival or April Fool’s Day) which embarrassed the German leader him in front of Italian Facist Bennito Mussolini, when the aide switched Hitler’s normal dark green dress uniform for one colored bright pink. The aide, later identified as Corporal Karl Kraggs, had bribed a homosexual oriented concentration camp inmate to fabricate a pink Nazi uniform in exchange for some un-named ‘sexual pleasures.’

The event was caught on film as cameras were rolling as the two heads of state met briefly on a balcony in Rome to address a party gathering of loyal Italian Fascists. Once rippling laughter broke out within the crowd, SS guards escorted a very angry Hitler away from the balcony hustling him to his room for a wardrobe change.

Afterwards, the paranoid German leader refused to wear anything except green. Underwear included, says Fritz. The practical joker corporal was later sentenced to hang with a pink rope.

The pink uniform was later salvaged from the trash and after the war ended was sold at auction. It now is displayed at Gary’s Leather Bar in San Francisco and is worn during Gay Day celebrations.

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