Microwave Dinner Tempts Palate w/ Tones of Crumb, Salt

It is not a meal that I usually sit down to, preferring Italian and Thai; I went in with preconceptions and hesitations about its conception and direction.

Visually, this is not stunning or groundbreaking, the colours are a little mediocre and the costumes are not as neat and clean lined as I have seen in ‘Lasagne Night’. However I felt that this blandness in visual aesthetics contributed to the deliberate, understated glamour, which is refreshing to see in the world of the exotic Pomegranate Seeds and attractive Rocket Leaves.

Mash, which may have needed a little buttering up before show time, was a consent theme as was Bean Sauce. The Beans, themselves, had no minor role, drawing parallels with society’s difficulties in population control, they added the necessary grit and bite to the overall story on the plate. Their appearance gave strength and realisation to the plots other main characters.

The Salt and Pepper are also worthy of note, though minor in their on-screen time the story could not have been completed without them, they gave a roundness and fullness to the story that tomato Ketchup, who was also up for the role, could not have provided.

The Fish Fingers, making only their second appearance in my meals this year, were perhaps a little over-rehearsed. Their performance was not as crisp and crunchy as I have previously seen in ‘Fish Fingers, Chips and Peas’. I felt that even though they were the main characters, the Bean Sauce that appeared in nearly every scene overshadowed them.

The bouquet was decidedly understated, with only hints of flaked crumb leaving me thinking of leftovers, but I felt that was the intended direction.

Perhaps this was a little wet altogether and maybe it could have benefited from some fresh new ingredients, such as Peas, but this could have displaced the staler performance of the Beans. Overall this is a fun all rounder that most people can enjoy regardless of age.

Author: Bee

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  1. My roommates actually prefer a meal like this over something more sophisticated.

    Mind you, my roommates are my children, so there is also that.

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