Possible Cause for Marijuana Addiction Discovered

LONDON (GlossyNews) — In groundbreaking new research, scientists at world-renowned Oxford University in Oxford, England have discovered that patchouli oil may cause marijuana addiction.

Extensive studies have been conducted over the past twelve years linking the use of the semi-popular fragrance to that of marijuana smoking. In order to complete the experiment, scientists and volunteers have been encouraged to bring in anyone off of the street who smells like patchouli.

Out of over two thousand test subjects, nearly fifty-six percent of the wearers of patchouli were stoned at the time.

Considering the percentages, the scientists have theorized that the use of patchouli oil may cause the desire to smoke marijuana. Head researcher, Professor Alexander Julia is intending on warning people all over the world of the dangers of patchouli.

He encourages anyone interested in the scent to consider their options in case you develop an addiction before using. With this revolutionary experiment completed, the same scientists are moving on to their next experiment in hopes of solving the major drug use problem plaguing the UK; determining whether the use of incense may also be a cause for addiction. New updates will be revealed as they come in.

Author: Sir Matthew Galazin

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