Vamonos: Obama Gives Arizona Back to Mexico

TEMPE, Arizona (GlossyNews) — In a move of political bravado termed “Operation Andale”, U.S President Barack Obama has signed an executive order handing Arizona back to Mexico, creating a stampede of Mexicans into bordering U.S. States. While the white citizens of Arizona are confused and somewhat deflated, the Governor of Arizona has likened it to making a “deal with the devil” that nonetheless is having desired consequences.

To keep the momentum going in the right direction a “Save Arizona from Itself” PR campaign has begun in earnest. For example, a giant billboard on the eastbound lane of the Pearl Harbor Highway in Phoenix asks in Spanish “What part of NEW Mexico do you not understand?“ In an even more tawdry move, a whisper campaign started by a right wing radio talk show host makes claims of Super Chupacabras in Phoenix sewers that will reach up and grab a baby from a womb if a pregnant woman steps over a manhole cover or sewer drain.

A mutual visit was made by both the U.S. and Mexican Presidents to celebrate the hand over. President Obama, in his speech stated, “While some folks may not like the new gap-toothed profile America now has, Arizona is white as a Klansman’s cap due to our recent exchange of territory.” The Mexican President simply asked, “Hey! Where did everybody go?“

Author: TawdrySoup.Com

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