Smells Good Enough Not To Eat

A study carried out by the US government has, today, published findings that show although perfume smells great, it, in fact, tastes disgusting.

Research, that took over 17 years to complete, shows that of the 6,789 participants only 1.2% felt that perfume tasted nice.

Dr Handel, who was one of the major contributors to the project, said: “After years of study and hard work we can finally conclude that perfume tastes bad.”

“Participants were put through a variety of tests, such as questionnaires, tasting food garnished with perfume, being deprived of water and only offered perfume. It really was vigorously and robustly tested.”

Due to be published in Scientific America, the study cost 853 million US dollars and involved more then 30 widely respected scientists and was commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The project included testing a wide variety of perfumes from Dior to Channel and found that despite over 80% of the subjects rating the smell of the perfume 5 or higher, on the smell-omitor, only 12% felt it was ‘drinkable’.

When asked if he were surprised with the results, Dr Handel said: “No. No, not at all.”

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