Business down the drainpipe for Mario Brothers

WORKERS have spoken of their sadness at a family run plumbing business has gone bust after 33 years trading.

A group of plumbers in Louisville, KY announced last night that, the Mario Brothers Plumbing Ltd was to go into administration and there was expected to be a loss of more than 300 jobs.

The business has sighted the worldwide financial crisis, but staff have accused the poor management of the two owners, Mario and Luigi, that ultimately lead to the closure and loss of jobs.

Angry union leader, Walker Boone said: “It is an absolute disgrace, we have been telling the brothers for years that they needed to pay more attention to the business instead of getting high on mushrooms and chasing girls.

“These are two men who have used and exploited their workforce for their own selfish gains, which is mainly with the gold that is sometimes found in drainpipes.

“They would make us work long hours in terribly dangerous conditions just to retrieve this gold, which has been siphoned out of the company into an offshore bank account.

“I don’t think that they have ever fixed a pipe in their whole lives.”

The entrepreneurs strongly deny the claims, press officer, Mr Toad said: “The company has had many satisfied customers over the years and are saddened by the comments from the union leader.

“All of our workers will receive a severance package for their service.”

But the workers are now beginning a campaign to receive some of the revenues made from the sale of gold coins.

Mr Boone continued: “We have proof of the brother’s infamous ‘Mario Parties’ and the pair’s elaborate Olympic games scam.

“We will get the pay we deserve.”

In other news, business tycoon, Mr Bowser, has begun preparations for his big merger with Mr Don. E. Kong.

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