Chinese Government Says Yes to I-Ching, No to iPhone 4

BEIJING, China (GlossyNews) — Although the Chinese government has allowed consumers in Mainland China to own earlier versions of the iPhone, they are now cracking down saying that the iPhone 4 is too advanced and could bring more harm than good to the government and its citizens.

While Apple’s international sales force has been quick to point out that the iPhone 4 is far less superior than the ads let on, their reverse sales pitch is going nowhere.

One Chinese official claims that China is just not sure how far into the technological revolution they want to go when they have alternative ways of seeking information. They insist that the I-Ching, while an ancient method of divination, is far more accurate and reliable when it comes to seeking advice and information than any iPhone or the internet for that matter. And, they insist, the I-Ching does not offer pornographic material or ridiculous pop culture, the things they claim that are ruining western civilization.

Steve Jobs has scheduled a personal trip to China within the next few weeks to try and get the Chinese government to change their minds. For now, the Chinese will have to make do with cheap iPhone 4 knock offs they can purchase on the black market, or consult the I-Ching when seeking the information they need.


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