Google Analytics for Satirists (I): Demographics and Facebook Ads

If you run a satire site, Google Analytics is very handy.

Today, I’m going to remind you about something very important for those of you who run Facebook Ads for your satire site.

Google Analytics provides some very interesting stuff on Demographics.

If your site is linked to Google Ads, then try the following steps.

1. Google Analytics Toolbar

Go to the toolbar on the left that contains many useful functions such as ‘Home, Customization, Real-Time,’ etc.

2. Audience

Click on the toolbar header that says ‘Audience.’ The menu will expand, and you will see ‘Demographics.’

3. Demographics

Click on ‘Demographics.’

4. Set-Up

If your demographics are not set up, you will need to set them up.

If they are, however, set up already, you will see:




The first of these provides basic data.

The other two are pretty easy and self-explanatory.

Facebook Ads do require serious attention to demographics.

You can’t merely assume ‘bros like humor.’ You can see how many people from each gender or age bracket are reading your site. If a higher proportion are younger, or older, then you can of course factor that into your Facebook Ad.

Good luck!

Image attribution:

Sabine Sauermaul


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