Donald Trump Generator Is as Infallible as Trump Himself

Recently, leading scientists have invented a Donald Trump Generator that is 100% indistinguishable from the ‘real’ thing! See the follow excerpt, to see just how real the merely robotic, mindless and mind-numbing repetitive ramblings of this kitschy, cheap-ass imitation of the Trump can be:

I know Trump.

You know Trump.

People mocking Trump.

You’re sick and tired of it, I’m sick and tired of it too!

What should we do?

Should we do something?

Trump is gonna do something.

Nobody’s gonna do it!

Somebody has to do it.

Trump is gonna do it!

What’s Trump gonna do?

No idea, but we have to do something!

Trump is gonna do it.

See my haters, they’re mockers.

They’re criminals.

Not like you people.

See, you people are the best.

In here, the greatest goddamn people America has to offer.

But out there… criminals!

Should we build a wall?

Well I dunno, but we have to do something!

Trump is gonna do it!

Make the Mexicans pay for it.

No, they don’t know yet, but they’re gonna know!

Trump is gonna tell them.

Who’s gonna tell them?

Somebody’s gotta tell them.

I’m gonna make sure the Muslims build my wall, and they’re gonna do it good.

Not ONE Muslim will set foot in this country.

Shut down the internet.

Shut down the First Amendment.

Shut down the Supreme Court.

Clinton hates our Constitution.

She hates it!

How much longer are we gonna have to put up with it?

I love you people.

You’re my best friends.

You’re all my best friends.

I know Trump.

Guess what?

All you people know Trump too!

You’re sick and tired, I’m sick and tired, everybody’s sick and tired of all this crap, but we have to do something!

Trump is gonna do it.

Erm… OK.

So the choice of words is pretty convincing. The only difference between Trump and the Generator is their manner.

Donald Trump and the Donald Trump Generator. One is a mindless, monotonous robot deviously concocted by technocratic special interests… the other one is running for office in 2016!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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