How Old is Too Old for an iPhone?

Oberlin, OH — Annabel Smith, local 2 year old, coos as she goes through her mother’s iPhone, the screen illuminating her round face.

The iPhone is well equipped with several apps specifically for babies, such as Dora’s Ballet Adventure, and thousands of Anabel’s “selfies”.

Her mother, 30 year old Eileen Smith, tells reporters of her concern over Annabel’s behavior as she looks lovingly at the small child. “I am not sure if she really knows what she’s doing”, she says, “I’m afraid I simply started her too late”. She leans in closer and with a look of grave concern mouths, “she barely even knows how to delete the more blurry pictures”.

Eileen’s concerns are ones that have gradually been rising in younger parents – how old is too old for an iPhone?

Recent studies have shown that around 38% of children under the age of two had used mobile devices (like iPhones, tablets, or kindles) and only 7% of these kids have tablets of their own – shocking statistics that need to change.

Over half of all two year olds have not yet been exposed to the world of technology and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommend children under the age of two have no screen time. Yet, when parents and organizations advise against screen time for toddlers, they do not realize of what they are depriving America’s youth.

Educators are raising concern over the academic future of kids started too late on tablets, “how else are the kids going to keep up with all of the fast-pace modernization in our world?’’, says Roy Brown, a key figure in the National Association for the Education of Young Children. “At this pace, children may as well emerge from the womb, iPhone in hand.”

Our society is one that has an ever-increasing demand for technologically educated citizens in many work fields, and with the way technology advances it is best that we ensure the upcoming generation is accustomed well before they enter adulthood. Not only does having a tech-savvy child secure for them a much brighter future, it also allows parents to brag about how much smarter their child is than that of parents stuck in a more outdated mindset.

All in all, what could possibly make for a brighter future than one overrun with computer genius infants?


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