What is GPS? An Explanation into Global Positioning Systems

GPS tracking is an effective solution to help you keep everything under control. GPS operates by the use of satellites that are tracking the earth. Global Positioning System receives signals from certain satellites which track the earth twice within one day to trace certain equipment, fleets and devices. It was initially made for military operations in tracking down vehicles. It became at civilian’s disposal use solely in the late 80′s. It functions by using triangulation measurement by receiving signals from four or even more satellites. It calculates both latitude and longitude to get the exact location of a fleet or to track movement.

The main tasks of the tracker are receiving the coordinates and sending them to the operator. A good GPS software on the official website uboro.io includes maps, intersections, and other important graphical destinations in the world. For convenience it also includes a detailed list of the locations of ATM’s, banks, hotels, restaurants, public transports and other points of interest. This allows you to determine the location of the object with the maximum accuracy. It performs a wide range of functions depending on a scope of its application.

  • Tracking the travel route of call-out employees such as merchandisers, couriers, trade, insurance, and advertising agents;
  • Looking after elderly or young relatives;
  • Tracking the cargo transported by the driver of the logistics company;
  • Control over the movement of participants in sports competitions – motor rallies, marathon races, etc.;
  • Provision of photographs with geographic tags for binding to global coordinates for the purpose of subsequent viewing on electronic maps, etc.

Undoubtedly, Uboro can be an effective means of protection against car theft, control of movement of individuals, animals, and corporate vehicles. Although the above functions of the trackers are performed only under condition of their high quality and proper placement, Uboro has no such “limits of action.” The solution can be successfully used at work for

  • Managing personnel, crews, vehicles, fleets;
  • Real-time tracking of locations, speed, petrol consumption;
  • Managing poor driving behavior and route selection;
  • Interactive information exchange between drivers;
  • Choosing the roads and routes with less traffic.

All these and much more information can be received with the help of Uboro during the 90-day free trial period. Thus, you will have a chance to see how the program works and what information it provides a user with. Test the program to know how your business can benefit from it. With Uboro, there is no need to use any GPS trackers or supporting machinery. Why should company users use Uboro GPS software? It is able to be used for a practical purpose in keeping fleets and devices traceable, or to getting to locations that are programmed into the GPS.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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