Hover Cars Will Not Help Us

Scientists have warned that placing too many emphases on hover cars may confuse car owners.

In an open letter to the car industry, a group of prestigious scientists from a variety of disciplines warn that if the car industry continues to hail the invention of the hover car as a turning point they are only going to be ‘disappointed’.

“It is important that the industry recognize that the proliferation of hover cars will not decrease traffic levels or ease traffic congestion.” The letter sates: “In fact it will be that same or worse.”

Professor in Mechanical Engineering, David Lang, a spoke to Glossy News to confirm the fears of the scientists who signed that open letter.

“If you were to have everyone buying a hover cars it would lead to increased ground car ownership, as they would plummet in price, making them more affordable to poorer drivers” professor Lang said.

He continued: “This, ultimately, means that car congestion on the ground will stay the same and a new lane of congestion will appear just a few meters above.”

The letter also points out that hover cars will be “clumsy, prone to breakdown and overpriced” and that it would be wrong to try and sell them on a premises of them being ‘green’ and better for the environment.

Professor Lang says that there will be increased safety issues of people falling from a hover car and then being run over by an actual car on the ground.

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  1. I want a hover car too! Come on it’s been like a hundred years can’t we have our hover cars already???

  2. Come on baby, don’t be like that. We still deserve our hovercars. Just tell me it’s only 10 years out and my faith will be restored.

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