Scientists Awarded Large US Grant to Make World 3-D

Faced with rising public clamor for more 3-D products, US researchers at federal facilities have pressed hard to deliver the world in full, three dimensional viewing. Invigorated by a recent grant of over $100 billion dollars, head scientists feel they can soon fulfill the Obama administration’s promise for “a change you can believe in.”

Citing recent technological advances in movies like ‘Avatar’ and other large screen hits, President Obama announced on Monday his initiative to make life even more grand in a true 3-D format for all the world’s inhabitants.

“It will promote jobs and strengthen our economic recovery,” said Obama as he introduced his new Make-Work Czar Elmer Fredrickson.

Workers at the Los Alamos Laboratories have recently awarded a contract to a Chinese firm to produce 7 billion plastic 3-D glasses that will be distributed, along with a DVD of Obama in 3-D giving some of his most fiery speeches, to every inhabitant on the planet.


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