(GN Video) More Naughty Stuff from Serial Scamsters Rocky ‘n’ Spyder!


Not so long ago we showed you Rocky and Spyder. Don’t worry if you missed it: there’s a link to the playlist at the bottom of the article!

The not-so-loveable fraud duo actually have a few outtakes we didn’t show you last time.

Brian’s original blurb says:

Spyder and Rockie Krakauer’s Used Car Boniztolanda sales mega-event outtakes. The original commercial is great, but these are exclusive, behind the scenes footage never seen before. Rockie and Spyder run a very unique local dealership, and they can get you amazing prices on gently used cars, but they do it ways that are perhaps a bit unconventional.

So, here’s the video…


And if you missed the original, here’s the full set!



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