GlossyNews May Podcast (The May-Day/Amsterdam Edition)

The 4K/UHD podcast is back with a whole new bunch of crazy, fun stuff, this time from Amsterdam.

Amsterdamn, or as they call it in New York, York, is a fun, crazy, exciting place.

* What does a late-night informercial look like in Amsterdam? The answer may surprise you, or it may not… it’s pretty adult.

* Exclusive interview with Dan Geddes of

* What makes Amsterdam such a great place?

* Standup comedy in Amsterdam.

* Satire news as reality.

* Being mistaken for real news, with a hot mention for the fantastically clever Jen Gardiner.

* Speaking in tongues and faith healing, the powers that be, and the unfortunate reality.

* Discussion of George Carlin and Louis C.K.

* Sneak Peek #2 of the Bobby Joe Mockumentary movie.

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