How Condoms are Really Used (Home School Video)

Condoms are funny because they are balloons guys put on their wieners, but they’re also deadly serious.

They can be the thin blue shield between you and HIV, but they also come in purple as well as they purple-in the… well, you know.

The problem is that red states, specifically home schoolers, don’t get safe sex education. They have higher rates of sexually transmitted outbreaks, higher teen pregnancy, and it also feels better for teens who don’t deserve it.

We can cover that gap. Not the one inside your wives and girlfriends, though feel free to send pictures if she’s interested. This highly informative video covers everything you need to know about avoiding pregnancy and several sexually communicated junk-bacterias.

And don’t worry, we don’t show any actual human fiddly bits. Just like all proper sex education, we only use food items to demonstrate proper use and we only give you a few minutes of usable information.

Watch the video…

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