Target Changes Employee Uniforms – Red Shirts No Longer Safe

After multiple deaths, Target has decided to make a change in the uniforms of it’s employees. This decision was made once the connection of the uniforms was made to Star Trek.

It is well known that any crew wearing a red shirt on Star Trek was considered expendable. No one knew that this would affect employees at Target.

But the string of deaths due to alien monsters and space plagues could not be ignored. The owner of Target admits that the uniform coloring was a poor choice, and they are now replacing it with a safe blue color.


2 comments on “Target Changes Employee Uniforms – Red Shirts No Longer Safe

  1. Red has always been a gang color. I’m surprised they didn’t have more problems with it sooner. And the target itself? Well they’re just asking for trouble.

  2. I love when the away team beam down to an uncharted planet with an Ensign Nobody, it’s always gonna be a good episode.

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